The 8 Best Jumping Horses In The World

Most horse breeds can do almost anything, but the best jumping horses in the world will surprise you with their excellent performances!

Choosing a horse for show jumping can be a challenge. Many good horse breeds perform excellently in this sport. While some horses are bred to be show jumpers, others develop this skill through extensive training and discipline. How you train and treat your horse plays a big role in their ability to perform, no matter what breed you choose.

In this article, I list the 8 best horse breeds for show jumping and take a trip down memory lane to show you the three best jump performance horses in history!

The Best Horse Breeds For Jumping

All horse breeds have the intuitive ability to jump, but some are better built and can jump a bit higher than others. Ultimately, deciding which horse breed is best for jumping comes down to you and what you’re looking for. Your competition goals, desired temperament, and budget will play a significant role.

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The Top 8 Horse Breeds For Jumping

Although the final choice is yours, here are 8 horse breeds considered excellent jumpers. 

The Thoroughbreds

Thoroughbreds are quick learners and can be ridden by riders at any level. These horses are also sensitive to their riders’ needs and very loyal, making them excellent teammates in and out of the arena. They’re associated with high endurance and stamina, and their naturally fit posture supports their need for speed and agility.

The Dutch Warmbloods

Many people praise the Warmblood horse for being easy to work with and rarely spooked. They’re a versatile breed that keeps gaining popularity for everything they can do.

The Trakehners

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The Trakehner breed is bold and athletic. They’re cautious when jumping and have a friendly and willing demeanor. 

This breed meets the typical height and weight requirements for competitive jumping horses. The Trakehner is one of the world’s best jumping breeds because of their incredible stamina, speed, and lightweight.

The Irish Sport Horse

This horse breed has a calm and receptive temperament, similar to the Thoroughbred. They have a muscular body and are well known in the equine community for their endurance and perseverance.

Irish Sport horses are specifically bred for competition and typically have a lot of Thoroughbred blood in their pedigree. They’re quick and agile, with good endurance, making them an excellent candidate for strenuous sports requiring stamina and a large gallop stride.

The Selle Français

Selle Français are known for their athletic ability, elegance, and good temperaments. They’re kind, patient, and eager.

This breed is suitable for riders of all experience levels. The Selle Français is a patient and natural people-pleaser who will happily jump anything you ask them to.

Selle Français are bred to be jumpers, with the right curve to the shoulders, strength in the hindquarters, stout lower body, and good endurance.

The Oldenburger

 Who is the best show jumping horse in the world?

The Oldenburger breed is selectively bred for jumping and dressage disciplines. They’re said to have eager demeanors and high levels of athleticism. 

This breed is gentle and easy to train, making them suitable for people of all skill levels.

The Hanoverian

Hanoverian horses are specifically bred for equestrian sports. A horse of this caliber requires a significant capital investment, but you get what you pay for.

These German-bred horses have been counted among successful horse breeds in the Olympic disciplines of dressage, showjumping, and eventing. 

They have a stockier build than Thoroughbreds and are commonly seen in upper-level show jumping competitions.


The Holsteiner breed is well-known for their natural jumping ability. These horses have a much longer lifespan than others, averaging 35 to 40 years. They’re also constantly evolving, with breeders attempting to create a lighter, faster, and more versatile horse.

Holsteiners are known for their grace, athleticism, and laid-back personalities. Along with grace and elegance, the Holsteiner is hardworking and strong, with a gentle, easy-to-train temperament.

The Top 3 Best Jumping Horses In The World

These magnificent horses have proven to be the best among jumpers. They have received international recognition for their talent and incredible victories. 

 Who is the best show jumping horse in the world

Snowman (1948 – 1974) – This gelding could jump as high as 7 feet 2 inches. He was saved from a slaughterhouse and became one of the world’s greatest show jumpers. There are movies and documentaries about his incredible journey. 

Stroller (1950 – 1986) – This pony jumped as high as 6 feet 10 inches. He was the only pony to compete in the Olympic show jumping against other bigger horses, winning a silver. 

Huaso (1933 – 1961) – This gelding could jump as high as 8 feet 1.25 inches. This is one of the longest unbroken records in history.

Before You Jump

Researching different horse breeds is an excellent first step in finding your perfect jumping horse, but you’ll have to see these animals in action for a better picture.

In the end, a horse’s breed only plays one part in their ability to perform. You’ll have to bond with your horse and train them properly if you want them to reach Olympic levels!

I hope you found this article helpful and that I’ve narrowed your search down. If you have any other questions about jumping horse breeds, ask them in the comments.


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