Roll-Up Exercises For Abs: Horse Edition

Roll-Up Exercises For Abs

Horses need to do roll-up exercises for their abs. Core strength helps them perform everyday tasks effortlessly. Find some great roll-up exercises for abs that you can do with your horse here! If you train your horse a few times per week, they’ll gain enough muscle strength in their core to thrive in everyday tasks … Read more

Skinny Horse Before And After: Help Your Horse!

Skinny Horse Before And After

Skinny horses are unhealthy. You need to ensure your horse eats well and has no health issues at all times. Knowing what to feed your skinny horse for an amazing before and after transformation, will help! In this article, I show you how to tell if your horse is underweight, explain what could lead to … Read more

Spine Problems In Horses: What To Expect

Spine Problems In Horses

You can encounter different spine problems in horses when you own one. No horse is immune to these, and it can happen in even the healthiest herds! Spine problems can make your horse uncomfortable. Depending on how severe their injury is, your horse might not be able to continue working or participating in a contest. … Read more

Bad Horse Riding Position

Bad Horse Riding Position

A bad horse-riding position is not only detrimental to a rider’s posture and health but can even affect the horse, and lead to more bad riding habits. Bad posture is not something easy to get over, as modern times have supplied many opportunities to worsen this condition.  Driving and working on the computer have all … Read more

Oblique Sesamoidean Ligament Horse

Oblique Sesamoidean Ligament Horse

Oblique sesamoidean ligament horse injury is not a very common health issue, but it still could occur, and it can be a difficult one to care for. Diagnosis alone is challenging as ultrasounds are not particularly accurate; thus, only an MRI would be more precise.  The elegant form of horses is only further complemented by … Read more

What Is A Cloned Horse?

What Is A Cloned Horse

The idea of cloning a horse may seem like it’s coming straight out of science fiction, but the technology is there, so then what is a cloned horse? Although cloning is not so widely put into practice, it is something available for interested parties.  Cloning animals is not unheard of, as Dolly the sheep made … Read more

Can A Horse With Navicular Jump?

Can A Horse With Navicular Jump

Many health problems can impede a horse from competing in shows, so seeking answers to questions like can a horse with navicular jump is understandable. Knowing what health risks a horse may face and how it will affect it, falls under basic care requirements.  Potential health issues can arise and cause problems, which is why … Read more

What Is An Oxer Jump?

What Is An Oxer Jump

There are many different types of jumps at equestrian events that may inspire questions regarding the complexity of the sport, like what is an oxer jump? A usual jumping championship will have many obstacle courses with varying degrees of difficulty.  Whether knowing the ins and outs that happen at these events, either as a competitor … Read more

Oldenburg Horse Temperament, And Traits

Oldenburg Horse Temperament, And Traits

The Oldenburg horse is a popular horse breed in the sports community, and the Oldenburg horse temperament is something to look into when considering it. A warmblood breed with origins in Germany, the Oldenburg is a strong, adaptable horse.  Used as a riding horse, the Oldenburg has made many appearances in shows and contests. With … Read more

Best Jumping Exercises For Horses That Rush

Best Jumping Exercises For Horses That Rush

Many professional show jumpers had to deal with their horses rushing to jumps and try to correct this with jumping exercises for horses that rush. As common as this can be it’s preferable to a horse that needs to be pushed to jump. It can usually be challenging to hold a horse steady while it’s … Read more