How Do They Train Dressage Horses? Here’s What You Should Know!

How Do They Train Dressage Horses

How do they train dressage horses? It might seem like a simple question, but the answer isn’t! Dressage is a horse training style that requires patience and skill. You’ll have to teach your horse to respond to your cues and build their skill level. The discipline is like learning ballet. You’ll have to work together … Read more

Can You Clone A Horse? Fact Vs. Fiction

Can You Clone A Horsee

It sounds like an otherworldly phenomenon, so asking if you can clone a horse is totally normal! There are many myths surrounding cloned animals, but we bring the facts! The thought of cloning a horse, or any other animal for that matter, may seem like a far-fetched idea. Even with the most advanced technology, the … Read more

The Top 100 Dutch Horse Names

Dutch Horse Names

If you recently purchased one or your mare had a foal, knowing the top 100 Dutch horse names will come in handy when naming your new horse.  Choosing a suitable name for your horse can be a daunting task. Not only are there many names to choose from, but finding one that gives you the … Read more

How Much Does It Cost To Freeze Horse Sperm?

How Much Does It Cost To Freeze Horse Sperm

If you have a stellar stallion on hand, you need to ask how much it costs to freeze horse sperm. Preserving their genetic line could help you breed outstanding horses! There are many reasons why freezing horse sperm is a good idea. Whether you plan to use it now or in the undetermined future, finding … Read more

Horse Jump Course Designs: The Ultimate Basics Guide!

Horse Jump Course Designs

Asked to create your first jumping course and know you’re stuck on horse jump course designs? Here’s a quick guide to teach you the basics! When you’re creating a horse jump course, your number one priority should be that it’s safe. You can include different jumps to make the course fun for horses and their … Read more

Bad Horse Riding Position

Bad Horse Riding Position

A bad horse-riding position is not only detrimental to a rider’s posture and health but can even affect the horse, and lead to more bad riding habits. Bad posture is not something easy to get over, as modern times have supplied many opportunities to worsen this condition.  Driving and working on the computer have all … Read more

What Horse Breed Has The Worst Temperament?

What Horse Breed Has The Worst Temperament

In choosing a beginner horse, new riders will ask what horse breed has the worst temperament and which might be a better fit to start with and learn? Venturing out in this new learning space, it’s important to have the right horse so as not to be discouraged.  More unruly horses can put a damper … Read more

Oblique Sesamoidean Ligament Horse

Oblique Sesamoidean Ligament Horse

Oblique sesamoidean ligament horse injury is not a very common health issue, but it still could occur, and it can be a difficult one to care for. Diagnosis alone is challenging as ultrasounds are not particularly accurate; thus, only an MRI would be more precise.  The elegant form of horses is only further complemented by … Read more

What Is A Cloned Horse?

What Is A Cloned Horse

The idea of cloning a horse may seem like it’s coming straight out of science fiction, but the technology is there, so then what is a cloned horse? Although cloning is not so widely put into practice, it is something available for interested parties.  Cloning animals is not unheard of, as Dolly the sheep made … Read more

Can A Horse With Navicular Jump?

Can A Horse With Navicular Jump

Many health problems can impede a horse from competing in shows, so seeking answers to questions like can a horse with navicular jump is understandable. Knowing what health risks a horse may face and how it will affect it, falls under basic care requirements.  Potential health issues can arise and cause problems, which is why … Read more