The Best Horse Magazines For Young Riders

Horse magazines for young riders are a very useful tool for children to learn more about horses such as breeds, grooming, care, or even riding tips. Some of the best reading material on horses are ones that are geared towards children with basic information in abundance. 

Much of the facts in magazine form are sizeably more abridged and it expands the base knowledge on horses. Young equestrian enthusiasts will surely get a lot from these kinds of magazines. This is especially true since the writing staff pulls from their own experiences and passion for horses. 

Top Horse Magazines For Young Riders

Some of the most well-known horse magazines for young riders consist of names like Young Rider and Pony magazines. These and many others are characteristically planned to supply useful information and advice to young riders. 

Young Rider Magazine

Picking this horse-themed magazine comes with questions like what age is Young Rider magazine for? Predominantly, the Young Rider magazine is targeted at readers ranging between 8 and 15 years. The name chosen for the magazine implies that it would be a perfect match for young minds. 

It usually encompasses anything from tips on looking after horses, riding guides, and even personal equestrian experiences or stories. A poster can be found inside every issue, which many either like to collect or hang up. 

This magazine also comes in digital form, sent each month to an email address. It is available internationally and can be purchased using a wide range of currencies. A perfect fit for any equestrian passionate teen or tweens around the world. 

This is a bimonthly publication for those selecting this magazine and wondering how often is Young Rider magazine published. The magazine even includes thrilling contests opportunities along with the plentiful information on everything horses. 

Pony Magazine 

Other well-rounded horse magazines for young riders include names like Pony magazine, containing a rich source of knowledge for young children. Considering what age Pony magazine is aimed at, children between 6 and 16, it contains a great variety of useful articles. 

With beautiful posters and quizzes, Pony magazine is cleverly written to appeal to young readers. The many lifestyle articles alone are a wealth of information and tips for young aspiring riders. What is more, contests included providing a perfect outlet for more experienced horse riders to test their skills. 

Pony is a monthly publication, and it usually puts out around 13 issues each year. As a great resource for care and tips, Pony magazine leans towards education and skill development. 

 How often is Young Rider magazine published

Blaze Magazine 

A magazine for children 8 to 14 years old, Blaze is brimming with useful details and information regarding anything horses. This magazine offers craft ideas and entertaining games, along with plentiful facts about horses. 

The name of the magazine itself makes reference to the Rocky Mountain horse. This describes a horse with white markings on the forehead that carries the name Blaze. Blending together education and creativity, Blaze magazine is not only a kid-friendly magazine but a useful tool for child development. 

It’s important for horse magazines for young riders to provide a well-balanced stream of information and guidance. Some interesting facts about nature or frequent myths are oftentimes being presented in the pages of this magazine. 

Blaze is a quarterly publication, so it releases four issues every year. With gorgeous posters and exciting information about horses, history, and arts, the magazine is a favorite among many young riders. 

Horse Illustrated Magazine

A magazine that is a little more universal in terms of ages aimed at, Horse Illustrated has a lot to offer. Regardless of which breed, method of instruction, and riding style, articles in this magazine offer well-researched reading material. 

It provides instruction to any level of experience, with in-depth lifestyle articles. From training and care, to breed information and advice, all can be found on these pages. This publication usually produces 10 issues per year and is easily found internationally.

A magazine such as this will help in keeping up to date with the equine world. Already enjoyed by many readers, it can serve as a general horse magazine that covers a wide range of topics.  

Diagonals Magazine

A great example of horse magazines for young riders, Diagonals Magazine, is specifically geared at show horse beginners and novices. The exciting world of the show horse industry comes with many challenges. A magazine like Diagonals Magazine tackles many of those challenges and offers great support. 

Articles on ridding tips from experts in the field and show clothes outfitting all are featured in great detail. Such educational and advice-oriented articles are extremely well sought, especially by aspiring show contestants. 

Each issue comes with thoroughly researched material focusing on personal experiences from within the show horse community. Such articles can be very useful in encouraging young riders to pursue such competitions themselves. 

Apart from the more serious nature of these show-oriented articles, Diagonals Magazine also comes with some interactive activities. Coloring pages, posters, and other items can be found inside, the better to entertain and educate junior riders. 

Conclusion Horse Magazines For Young Riders

Whether just jumping into the community of horsemanship or coming at it from a more experienced point, horse magazines for young riders are designed to help. With a wealth of information and interactive activities, these resources can prove invaluable, especially for interested young minds. Fortunately, there are many examples to choose from, many of which are written for children and teens. 

What age is Young Rider magazine for?

In trying to keep up to date with the equine community, it’s a good idea to seek out magazines that present this relevant information. Choosing one such magazine will depend on certain factors like what age it’s geared at, especially if the target audience is among the younger population. Young Rider magazine is a perfect example of such a magazine, and it is great for teens with ages between 8 and 15.

What age is Pony magazine aimed at?

Resources on horses in the form of magazines are aplenty, Pony magazine being one other such example of great educational source. It’s a wonderful magazine targeted at children aged between 6 and 16, with a passion for horsemanship and riding.

How often is Young Rider magazine published?

Young Rider magazine is a very popular publication among young riders and as such, knowing when issues come out is important. Young Rider is a bimonthly publication which means it prints 4 issues each year, once every two months.