Bad Horse Riding Position

Bad Horse Riding Position

A bad horse-riding position is not only detrimental to a rider’s posture and health but can even affect the horse, and lead to more bad riding habits. Bad posture is not something easy to get over, as modern times have supplied many opportunities to worsen this condition.  Driving and working on the computer have all … Read more

What Horse Breed Has The Worst Temperament?

What Horse Breed Has The Worst Temperament

In choosing a beginner horse, new riders will ask what horse breed has the worst temperament and which might be a better fit to start with and learn? Venturing out in this new learning space, it’s important to have the right horse so as not to be discouraged.  More unruly horses can put a damper … Read more

What Is A Cloned Horse?

What Is A Cloned Horse

The idea of cloning a horse may seem like it’s coming straight out of science fiction, but the technology is there, so then what is a cloned horse? Although cloning is not so widely put into practice, it is something available for interested parties.  Cloning animals is not unheard of, as Dolly the sheep made … Read more

What Is An Oxer Jump?

What Is An Oxer Jump

There are many different types of jumps at equestrian events that may inspire questions regarding the complexity of the sport, like what is an oxer jump? A usual jumping championship will have many obstacle courses with varying degrees of difficulty.  Whether knowing the ins and outs that happen at these events, either as a competitor … Read more