What Horse Breed Has The Worst Temperament?

In choosing a beginner horse, new riders will ask what horse breed has the worst temperament and which might be a better fit to start with and learn? Venturing out in this new learning space, it’s important to have the right horse so as not to be discouraged. 

More unruly horses can put a damper on the learning curve and might even dissuade new riders. Certain horse breeds may look beautiful and imposing or have a famous name attached to the breed. This, however, should not be the only bar to set when choosing the first horse. 

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Temperaments Based On Breed

Before discovering what horse breed has the worst temperament, it’s important to know what is a good temperament in horses. Usually, the most sought-after temperament for beginners is a mix of calmness and a desire to work. 

It will not be easy to find a horse for a beginner. Certain breeds will be calmer and exhibit more patience naturally, while others will be more lively and unruly. A more rowdy horse may not necessarily be mean-spirited, but it could still be hard for a beginner to learn to ride. 

Asking how do you know if your horse is nice will depend on each individual horse and rider. But most commonly, a more tender temperamental horse with a good response to the rider is favored. Some bonding before riding may be necessary to establish a bond even with friendlier horses. 

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What Horse Breed Has The Worst Temperament

There are many different breeds of horses, each with its own characteristics and traits, some of which extend to personality. The perfect horse for new riders displays a good personality, making it easier to handle in difficult situations. 

But inevitably, one may wonder what is the hardest horse to ride? There are a few examples of more difficult breeds to handle. Because of this, there are a few breeds that many novice riders avoid. 

The Arabian 

A very popular breed, the Arabian tends to be a more hot-tempered horse that could surprise even experienced riders. Highly intelligent, Arabians quickly pick up on trainers’ signals but can also be stubborn. 

Not having a good handle on an Arabian will lead to it developing bad habits. They also very succinctly feel when a rider is not strict enough, and thus take advantage and try to establish its own way. 

 What is the craziest horse breed

The Mustang 

Another highly popular breed, with a rich history and beautiful aesthetic that is hard for beginners to handle. A mustang is great in trekking on difficult terrain and displays quite the stamina, but they tend to be stubborn. In the wrong hands, a mustang can even turn aggressive. 

With territorial behaviors, a mustang may challenge its rider for its space or if it feels threatened. Highly intelligent and fiercely independent, a mustang may try testing boundaries with its rider to gauge reactions. 

This is one of the reasons it’s hard to develop a connection with a mustang, especially as a beginner. When asked what the craziest horse breed is, many experienced riders will point to a mustang, but it surely is not the only one. 

The Akhal-Teke

This breed is one that will not strike recognition in many, dues to both its unusual name and its rarity. With an origin hailing from Turkmenistan, these horses are not so common in the US. 

The Akhal-Teke has one major drawback to its personality, which is that they form a very strong connection with one rider. It’s hard for this breed to let any other person be its rider, and for this, it is known to be aggressive. They are even territorial with their rider if it feels like someone may be getting too close to this rider. 

The Thoroughbred

A famously racehorse breed, the Thoroughbred is a beautifully built horse with high-performance traits. A large, fast, powerful horse with quite the stamina, a Thoroughbred can be energetic. This is what also makes them hard to handle, especially for beginners. 

This is not to say that a Thoroughbred will turn aggressive, but this reservoir of energy needs a firm hand. One wrong cue can be disastrous at high speeds and can lead to injury, both for the horse and rider. 

Australian Brumbies

A horse often known to be somewhat wild, Australian Brumbies are definitely not recommended for new riders. An Australian Brumbies that has been broken is still hard to use for ridding as it can be very shy with humans. As a beginner, a shy horse is almost as hard to deal with as a stubborn horse. 

With Australian Brumbies, there is also the fact that they still keep some of their feral tendencies. This wildness makes it hard to predict what Australian Brumbies may do. With the uncertainty of how to act around them, riding them is that much harder. We can’t say this answers the question of what horse breed has the worst temperament, but it is a hard breed to deal with.

Wrap-up What Horse Breed Has The Worst Temperament 

When it comes to figuring out what horse breed has the worst temperament, many examples come to mind. Some horse breeds are not exactly aggressive, but even shyness or fear of humans can make them hard to control. Beginner-friendly horses are ones that can be calm, patient, and willing to work. 

What is a good temperament in horses?

Figuring out what would be an ideal match in temperament for a beginner rider is in understanding a horse’s personality. Usually, calmness is the most important aspect but it’s not the only one. Tolerance for new riders is essential as awkwardness will be a staple of learning.

What is the hardest horse to ride?

The Akhal-Teke is a very loyal horse and creates a powerful bond with its rider, the downside of this is that it only creates this bond with one rider. So powerful is this bond that it will display territorial tendencies with the rider toward other people that get near to them both. It’s one of the hardest horses to ride because of this.

What is the craziest horse breed?

The Mustang can be considered one of the craziest horse breeds to control. Their stubbornness and unconstrained behavior will show up in the horse testing for any weakness in the rider. This means it can become aggressive and it’s not ideal for beginners.

How do you know if your horse is nice?

Usually, horses that keep their cool with new and untested riders and still exhibit patience and willingness to work, are the staples of a nice horse.

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